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Privileges was re-instead. No more blogging for me. Technical articles, maybe, but not blogging. Henceforth, soberly observing this position, I've made a decision to stop it on my side. There is no aspiration to do this again and there is no action for an encore. Feel free to grin now.

My name is Alexander Pupeikis (for a pleasure of serendipitous reader). Someday newer version of my personal site will come up; sooner or latter (quite frankly, that is not a height priority task in my global agenda). Which wouldn't be over-bloated with irrelevant and quite useless stuff like: Javascript, PHP and RoR, for example. Additionally, which is best viewable with any browser, and not just with the major ones (whose usually driven and promoted by biggest corporations). Every additional stratum to the pancake will only make it less stable, less reliable and eventually only more goofs will come up.


In order to contact me, send an email to alex () apleben ! com (please only plain-text messages, no HTML).

In the case of supreme secrecy, here is my PGP public key: 4096R/55E238D3
Key fingerprint = DB2F CC4D 37A6 0CE1 C3BD 66A8 A555 4185 55E2 38D3

Thou shalt fill yourself much safer now; especially in the case of risking live or freedom by speaking.


  n. the transference of the relation between one set of objects
     to another set for the purpose of brief explanation.

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